Who run the world? BEYONCÈ

giphy.gifBeyoncé is a mother, musician, feminist, a business woman and one of the most powerful celebrities today. She is beyond a popular culture. She inspires society by promoting issues that matter and speaks for the generation. Beyoncé’s hook brings us to formation by positioning her first as an individual and then as an artist.

Beyoncé’s media presence is bare and she discloses much about herself. She doesn’t need promotion assistance or huge publicity. She uses her Instagram followers as a platform to share her art. She also uses this as a control to reach and create an aura and conspiracy around her brand through her posts. By not captioning her photos it makes her audience comment speculating what they think it means. She is the exception to many rules that dictate hysteria levels of fame in the digital age, all of which makes her level of impact on discourse that much more impressive.

To maintain more control on how she is portrayed in the media she does a range of things including her caption less photos which can, both dispel rumours and fuel other ones, at the same time. And she does most of it without writing a single word. She also stopped giving face to face interviews. This is empowering as she knows her worth, power, and stardom, and she decided that she doesn’t owe anyone anything.

As we can see, Beyoncé is unlike other celebrities. Rather than slowly dropping singles one by one, selling merchandise or convincing people to buy an app, she will surprise her audience with a album. For instance, her Lemonade (2016) album broke the internet with iTunes crashing and social media exploding. No one knew it was coming as she did not drop or leak any hints. Her strategic media attention with a surprise release gave her art directly to fans and brought attention to the album and her ideologies.

These ideologies include race, feminism and identity. This can be shown as her identity powerfully become associated with feminism after her 2013 performance where she had a backdrop branded with the word feminism.


This stance was influential and inspired young women to embrace and reclaim the world for themselves. This silent but killer smart statement by Beyonce is explained in her words;

“I put the definition of feminist in my song and on my tour, not for propaganda or to proclaim to the world that I’m a feminist, but to give clarity to the true meaning,” she tells ELLE magazine. “I’m not really sure people know or understand what a feminist is, but it’s very simple. It’s someone who believes in equal rights for men and women.”

So to answer Beyonce’s question ‘who run the world?‘, BEYONCE!

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  1. I love Beyoncé so much. She makes me feel so empowered and her music is on another level. I love how she can go from serious music videos to ones of her just mucking around such as her 7/11 music video. From your post it seems like you are a mega-fan. I love that you used a quote from her in your post and the mentioning of her Instagram was genius; I think her caption-less photos show how she is letting people believe what they want to believe and not controlling their ideology like some other media giants do. Would have loved to maybe see an example of one of these Instagram posts but overall I agree with you that Beyoncé definitely does matter.


  2. I really like the way that you wrote this and the way that you described Beyoncé as not only as an artist but as an individual which is so important. I definitely agree with you that Beyoncé does matter and can have an influence over the world without having to need “promotional assistance or huge publicity” which I think is important for people to realise. You tied in what her message is and the meaning behind her use of the word and definition of feminism in her song really nicely. Keep up the good work! 🙂


  3. Hey Allanah!

    Oh yes, I totally agree with you Beyonce is beyond a popular culture and makes her presence through the media. I wondered why she never has a caption on the instagram photos she posts, but you just informed me why… clever of her cause it leaves everyone in suspense! Your blog post is very informative and includes strong and well thought points about Beyonce and how she is portrayed in the media. You effectively described why Beyonce is an artist but most importantly that she is a ‘mother, feminist and a business women’. I really enjoyed reading your blog post as it addressed your opinion on Beyonce and how her strategic media attention of her album conveyed her ideologies helping women all over the world to express their race, feminism and identity.
    Good job, keep up the good work!!


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