Digital making … glitching

Rapid advancements in digital technology have revolutionised the way we approach design and the process of creation. It is now largely done on computers and anybody can make digital craft. This is a new era of design.

Digital technology is beginning to define an evolution in the way we manufacture, distribute and recycle products. Today, the digital fabrication is shifting from industrial manufacturing methods to the current notion of design and exploring endless possibilities for digital manufacturing. Industrial manufacturing had sharp boundaries of concept and production. However, these boundaries are now irrelevant due to the rapid production of digital craft.

Digital craft is done through aesthetics of remediation. Remediation can be videos, memes, gifs, audio and many more. Digital aesthetics is rapid prototyping, experimentation, error discovery, modifications leading to unexpected outcomes. Glitch aesthetics is an example of a remediation. Glitch is using digital errors for aesthetic reasons to fraudulent the digital data or to physically manipulate the data.

Here is an example of myself, not an over tech savvy person glitching a photo of a donut.



Taaa Daaaa!


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