Distributed journalism and collective intelligence

The power of networks is universally everywhere and, is that there are familiar and unexpected effects of being connected. An example of the power of networks is the changes in the news industry. Bas Timmers explains that news industry has changed from;

  • from a world of information scarcity to information overload,
  • from a world where commercial and government bodies needed the news industry to disseminate information, to one where they can disseminate information themselves.
  • from a world where members of the public needed the news industry for information, to one where they can access – and produce – it themselves

Thus, this creates central intelligence through the collaboration, collective efforts, and competition of many individuals and appears in consensus decision making This shows how distributed journalism creates collective intelligence.

This poorly made GIF, by myself, shows how we can all connect then gather information and if we choose too, publish it on social media sites and thus, create news.



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