Media use in my workplace

I work in the fast food industry at McDonald’s as a Shift Assistant and Café Co-Coordinator. I have worked for this amazing company for 6 years! However, it wasn’t until just recently that I realised media use in the workplace goes beyond the registers, computers, group chat on Facebook, and not being allowed on our mobile phones while on shift. It is far more reaching then this type of media in the workplace. Media use at McDonald’s goes as far as the development of a product and or service in the store, too the big advertisements we see on our televisions, phones, in the store, hear on the radio and on media.

This year I started work experience in the head office of McDonald’s in the marketing department and have learnt so many valuable things. Especially, about the behind the scenes work involved with media use in the workplace. Before we see the new $1 Frozen drink flavour ad on our Facebook advertisements, or see the new $2 cheesy BBQ burger advertisement on the app there is a lot of behind the scenes work that is involved.

McDonald’s use ethnography to identify a customer’s needs by understanding them and learning the context of their lives in areas such as health, wellbeing, commuting, and lifestyle. Then their needs and wants regarding the food such as comfort, from home, eating on the go, taste and or health. However though, they make sure that the McDonald’s brand and the product developed will be better than its competitors and that it is the best fit for the brand.

They use qualitative data (how? Why? Who?) to understand customers via monitoring consumer trends, social media, creating online discussion forms, interviews and focus groups. They also use quantitative data (how many? Who? Where?) by polls, sensory, intercept surveys and online surveys. This may be done through media. Once this research is completed they develop a new product that is the perfect fit from the research developed, make refinements with the data and information collected, test advertising communications to make sure all can access and engage, launch the product and then have a post launch evaluation to see how well they did.

With the launch of the product they use creative advertising strategies to capture consumers attention through media to entice them to come and try to product that has been developed specifically for them. They access their consumers via media on all social media channels.

As we can see, ethnography plays a large role in media use in my workplace! Does it play a role in yours?


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