Digital Artefact Beta

Hello everyone & welcome to my blog post,

I am going to share my BETA presentation that demonstrates an operational prototype of the DA pitch I have also shared on my blog, have a read!

I have followed my pitch idea of going on hikes and posting some relevant blogs with information and a video online. However, thanks to helpful comments on my pitch I am now reaching to a far larger audience then I originally was. I have made an Instagram account, post on FitBit communities, YouTube, Twitter and on my personal blog. I have formed an audience (not a huge audience, but the right audience!).

Watch the video below to find out more on how my DA is going!


3 thoughts on “Digital Artefact Beta

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  1. Hi Allanah,

    I really like your DA, I like how it’s simple, has a clear goal, and has a good social utility. I also think that it’s good that you’re posting to quite a few social media platforms for media saturation.

    Have you thought of maybe finding some more “obscure” tracks or some “hidden treasures” that people may not now about, or people who are interested in exploring places that are less travelled. I know these may be hard at first, but I’m sure if you ask around on your social media platforms and around groups of friends, people would have suggestions.

    I’m keen to see how this project evolves and expands!

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